For thousands of years, mankind has been gathering salt from the sea or finding it on land. For most of our existence, salt was a scarce, rare, and difficult to transport product.
Salt was literally a hidden treasure in the sea!
The salt that was extracted from it was unique in its mineral and crystalline nature.

It was a complete, natural food closely associated with a place and a way of life.
So Necton is once again applying a natural, environmentally friendly and socio-economically invigorating way and concept to its production.
We bring back the food to your kitchen as nature gives it.


According to the maxim “not all salt is the same”, Necton presents itself as a unique company on the market.
The production of traditional sea salt and Flor de Sal follows a unique methodology that combines tradition with modern management processes, innovation and quality in order to obtain excellent products. Thus, the salt harvest is carried out in a traditional and ancient way.
In this way, our salt reaches all consumers in a natural way, healthy and as nature gives it.

In this way, the efforts of Necton SA are rewarded by several awards that distinguish the company in terms of excellence of its products at national and international level.

Necton currently exports to 21 destinations!   Necton products thus reach the 4 corners of the world!

Ria Formosa - Salinas Necton

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Salina de flor de sal

Fleur de sel

Therefore, it is characterized by a very fragile physical structure and should be used to refine dishes, giving them a unique and refined touch.
The Fleur de Sel is rich in minerals, which gives it an advantage over industrially processed salt and incomparably enhances the “bouquet” of flavors in the dishes.

Sal marinho tradicional fino


With the Traditional Fine Sea Salt we launch a salt that brings a 100% natural product to your table. As for the Sal Grosso, the process is identical, except that it is grinded in a final step.

Salina de sal marinho tradicional grosso


The whole process is 100% natural, without processing. Therefore, we use only sea water, solar energy and the work of man. As for Flor de Sal, the use of completely natural methods allows the salt to preserve the more than 80 minerals present in the water, making it a complete food from a nutritional point of view.


Necton – Companhia Portuguesa de Culturas Marinhas SA, was founded in 1997 with the aim of realising a microalgae production project originated at the Superior School of Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Portugal. It begins to develop in the field of marine biotechnology, promoting technologies for the production of microalgae on an industrial scale. Later, the company started producing and selling traditional sea salt;

Necton’s history is essentially based on creative entrepreneurship that led to two types of business: Microalgae and Traditional Sea Salt.

We are divided into two autonomous business units: the Microalgae Business Unit and the Traditional Sea Salt Business Unit.

Apanha de Sal marinho tradicional pelo marnoto


Embalagens de sal marinho tradicional grosso e flor de sal


The Marnoto brand was created with the aim of making known the name of the traditional salt worker called Marnoto. It is he who puts into practice the millennia of experience, but also the technique used in the daily production and extraction of artisanal salt. In this way we pay tribute to all those who have brought this ancient way of working into our time.

Produtos da gama contemporanea da marca belamandil


The Belamandil brand was created with a contemporary design, combined with absolutely eco-friendly materials that allow reuse at the same time. It is completed by our three types of traditional sea salt: Fleur de Sel, coarse traditional sea salt and fine traditional sea salt.


Necton, Companhia Portuguesa de Culturas Marinhas, SA believes that it can only achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through excellence in all areas. In this sense, the principles of quality management and food safety are an integral part of the company’s management and are applied in all areas and by all employees.

In this way, Necton, SA maintains an integrated system of policies, procedures and work instructions that support the fundamentals of all activities and meet the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2015, BRCGS – Global Food Safety Standard and IFS Food – International Featured Standard.

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