According to the maxim “not all salt is the same”, Necton presents itself as a unique company on the market.

The production of traditional sea salt and Flor de Sal follows a unique methodology that combines tradition with modern management processes, innovation and quality in order to obtain excellent products. Thus, the salt harvest is carried out in a traditional and ancient way.

In this way, our salt reaches all consumers in a  natural way, healthy and as nature gives it.

In this way, the efforts of Necton SA are rewarded by several awards that distinguish the company in terms of excellence of its products at national and international level.


Necton currently exports to 21 destinations!   Necton products thus reach the 4 corners of the world!

Flor de sal natural para sobremesas

Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is the name given to the first salt crystals that form and remain on the surface of the pieces/crystallizers, where they are collected daily. It is a manual process that removes only a very thin film of salt crystals that form on the surface of the salt water.

Therefore, it is characterized by a very fragile physical structure and should be used to refine dishes, giving them a unique and refined touch.

The Fleur de Sel is rich in minerals, which gives it an advantage over industrially processed salt and incomparably enhances the “bouquet” of flavors in the dishes.

Sal marinho tradicional fino para saladas


With the Traditional Fine Sea Salt we launch a salt that brings a 100% natural product to your table. As for the Sal Grosso, the process is identical, except that it is grinded in a final step.

Sal marinho tradicional grosso


The Traditional Coarse Sea Salt is produced in our centuries-old salt pans, using ancestral methods that date back to the Romanization period. It is the “rido” (scraped) salt from the bottom of the piece, where it crystallizes every three weeks during the summer months.

The whole process is 100% natural, without processing. Therefore, we use only sea water, solar energy and the work of man. As for Flor de Sal, the use of completely natural methods allows the salt to preserve the more than 80 minerals present in the water, making it a complete food from a nutritional point of view.

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